Dips and Sauces

Thank God for mayonnaise. I know that the cholesterol and salt may be a problem, but it provides a creaminess without dairy.
Combine mayonaisse with Grey Poupon mustard and Blackstrap molasses for a “honey mustard dip.” You can put in a little sour cream if you like it to be creamier.
Combine mayonaisse with Amy’s lentil soup and a bit of cumin for a Mexican dip. You can add some fresh tomatoe and green onion if you think it should be “fresh.”
Combine mayonaisse with an avocado, tomato, green onion, cumin for guacamole. Add in jalapeno or red pepper if you like it spicy. I can’t tolerate that anymore, so I go for the plain stuff. Don’t bother with chili powder – it’s nothing more than cumin + red pepper.
Combine blackstrap molasses with soy sauce and ketchup for a great barbecue sauce. Another one is just soy sauce, mustard powder, olive oil, and honey (or sugar) (or molasses).

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